Lead Developer, Stardock Entertainment

I think that you guys will find the new additions to be really cool. I don't usually play as the Korx but I did today to test them, and the new abilities are very fun.

+ NEW: Added War Profiteering ability, which allows you to profit from other civilizations' wars.

+ NEW: Added persistent trade route ability, which prevents your trade routes from cancelling after your mini-freighter has been destroyed too many times.

+ NEW: Changed creativity to randomly finish the tech you are researching

+ NEW: Updated AITEST command line parameter to work with QUICKSTART parameter so that you can start a game in test mode and have it immediately start running

+ NEW: Mining starbases now have a particle system that indicates how much of the resource is being mined. (more, bigger, and faster means more bonus)

+ NEW: Victory message if you use a terror star to kill two or more enemy civilizations in a single attack to win the game

+ NEW: Interest Rate ability now decreases base cost of purchasing units immediately

+ NEW: Ship module, Righteous fleet defense: Expensive but relatively small sized module to boost to your fleet defenses.

+ NEW: Ship module, Defense Meditation Module: Expensive but powerful defense module for ships.

+ NEW: Ship module, Offensive Meditation Module: Very expensive but extremely powerful fleet attack module that also provides a 20% boost to ships attacking in their zone of control.

+ NEW: Drath Enabled
 + Drath Imp: Dark Energy Weapons Lab
 + Drath Imp: Biosphere Modulator (improves planet quality by +3). This may eventually require a good civilization tech.
 + Drath Imp: Doomsday Generator (galactic achievement that provides a 50% HP bonus to ships built on that planet)
 + Drath Imp: Drathian temple
 + Drath Imp: Shrine of the Mithrilar
 + Drath now have a lower than normal population growth ability
 + Drath now have a unique technology tree
 + Drath defense techs are better than other civs.

+ NEW: Korx Enabled
 + Korx Imp: Freighter Command ( trade routes can’t be destroyed)
 + Korx Imp: Mercenary Academy (make 5% of the income of civs at war)
 + Korx now have a negative loyalty penalty on game start up.
 + Korx now have a unique technology tree
 + Korx get super trade starbase module
 + Korx get two new galactic resource modules (they can get more out of resources than anyone else)
 + Korx get new tech tree path called the Starbase Victory strategy.
 + Korx get a set of cheap, easy to get starbase defense techs (annihilator & shredder)
 + Korx get Imperium starbase module which provides a 50% cultural influence bonus.
 + Korx get the Hyperfield starbase module which speeds ships in their zone by +2
 + Korx get the Defense Jammer starbase module that gives their ships a +2 attack bonus in all categories in the starbase zone of control.

+ FIXED: Made it so that when you destroy a race's last planet with a terror star, it pops up the cutscene for a civ being eliminated.

+ FIXED: Made CanIAttackThisShip check to see if the ship is underneath a planet, which fixes a stuck turn/lockup bug.

+ FIXED: Bug in save games that would break save games every time new abilities were added

+ FIXED: Bug in TechTreeEntry when checking for restricted techs

+ FIXED: Added checks so that old save games shouldn't be broken

+ FIXED: Bug in AI code to trade techs that was passing in the wrong value for the tech IDs, which caused AIs to get techs no one had

+ FIXED: Added code to GetSerialNumber to look for TA serial if all others fail

+ FIXED: Added functions CanIAttackPlanet, CanIAttackStar, and CanIAttackMiningBase. Checks to see if you're allied, UP laws, etc - hit detection code uses these to prevent lockups

+ FIXED: Crash when trying to upgrade a ship

+ FIXED: Bug where an armed colony ship got stuck trying to colonize an inhabited planet

+ FIXED: Bug where some civs could use advanced invasion tactics immediately after researching Planetary Invasion.
 + If the invasion tactic’s required tech is not in the civ’s tech tree, the tactic is now unavailable to the civ.  (It used to waive the requirement)

+ FIXED: Bug where fleets would sometimes use more than one move when attacking

+ FIXED: Numbers on Missile Bloom, Beam Multiplier Field, and Omega Cannon starbase modules.  These used to go from level I to III (no level II)  Now there is level I – IV.

+ FIXED: Typo in Beam Weapon Theory description

+ FIXED: Potential crash in Custom Ship Style window

+ FIXED: Bug in TransferAllTech function which could cause the civ to transfer incorrect technologies

+ FIXED: Processes in scene view windows and the fleet combat screen are killed when they are deleted (fixes memory leaks)

+ FIXED: Bug where minor race planets used a procedurally generated texture instead of pre-designed high-res texture

+ FIXED: "String not found" in tooltip for planetary defense bonus on Tech Details screen and Planet Improvement Summary screen

+ FIXED: Bug in Place Agent window will now display icons for "super project", "galactic achievement", and "trade goods"

+ FIXED: If you click on an icon for peace treaty or surrender you can only talk to the race if you met them

+ FIXED: Bug where if an AI traded for a tech from another AI that was in its own tech tree, it could not use that tech

+ FIXED: Bug where if a survey ship landed on an anomaly, it got stuck there. Now it takes the anomaly, which means that you could pop around the galaxy a few times if you keep landing wormholes.

+ FIXED: Bug where destination was not cancelled if your ship on auto-explore tried to move on to a class 0 planet.

+ TWEAK: adjusted the Iconian tech "Precursor Legacy" so that it cannot be traded nor stolen.

+ TWEAK: Tech Details window now displays research cost for the tech

+ TWEAK: Tech Details window now displays a civ logo if the tech is unique to that civ

+ TWEAK: Tech Details window now displays a message if the tech cannot be traded

+ TWEAK: Updated S1 style thumbnails using the new textured models

+ TWEAK: In the Terror Star attack animation, mining base bonus lines (for bases which will be destroyed) are hidden when the shockwave appears from a Terror Star attack

+ TWEAK: Willingness to trade is initialized to 50 (this is the same default used in the editor)


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on Dec 14, 2007
+ NEW: Added War Profiteering ability, which allows you to profit from other civilizations' wars.

+ NEW: Interest Rate ability now decreases base cost of purchasing units immediately

Woot, New bonuses!

+ Drath defense techs are better than other civs.

I like this civ already!
on Dec 14, 2007
Sounds good. I'm loving all the different tech trees (and, of course, all the other additions and changes). Can't wait to play with the new Korx and Drath!
on Dec 14, 2007
Is that all you people at Stardock have done in the last week???  


Just kidding, as usual....you guys rock!!!   
on Dec 14, 2007
Note: The change "Bug where if a survey ship landed on an anomaly, it got stuck there. Now it takes the anomaly..." caused a worse side-effect of auto-mining to not work. This will be fixed and updated shortly.
on Dec 14, 2007
Holy ....! Christmas seems to have come a few weeks early this year!
on Dec 14, 2007
One other change- Galactic Privateer has been removed.

Unmentioned but good change.

Now we just need the MCC to work as it's supposed to (or change how it's supposed to work)

on Dec 14, 2007
Yeah that's a nasty one. Sent my miner to an asteroid and when it had completed the base it was stuck and I could'nt move it... Bummer! Well I guess you are on it already
on Dec 14, 2007
Could you update "us" when you update "the game". Pretty Please.
on Dec 14, 2007
+ FIXED: Added checks so that old save games shouldn't be broken

Does that mean I can install the new beta and still finish my old game??
on Dec 14, 2007
Wow beta sounds amazing, might of missed it but has the huge trade bug been fixed ie freighters return to home planet on reload and turn press.
on Dec 14, 2007

OK, a new build is up that should fix the 'Stuck Miner' bug.

The old anomaly bug is back, however, but we felt this is the lesser of two evils. Look for the anomaly fix to make it into Beta 3D.

on Dec 14, 2007
Woah there. What's this about a terrorstar victory condition?
on Dec 14, 2007
And something that didn't make it into the change log :

+ NEW: New Ice and Desert planet textures added to the poor quality range.
on Dec 14, 2007
Found and posted another bug, it's not so game killing. More customization disabling. lol. I hope I'm not the only one that has it though, or I may be stuck with it.
on Dec 14, 2007
And another (will post it now), I seem to be on a roll. Though I wouldn't blame you if you completely ignore this bug.