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Dragon*Con 2008
Published on August 11, 2008 By CariElf In Game Developers

So it's official, I'm a Guest at Dragon*Con 2008!  I don't think that I mentioned that before, although I've known that I would be a Guest since about a week after I posted the first article mentioning Dragon*Con.  I have been waiting to see what panels I'd end up doing, because they hadn't gotten back to me at all.  I finally got an e-mail from the programming comittee with my tentative schedule today (they may still make minor changes to the schedule). 

So here's my tentative schedule:

Title: Postmortem on Twilight of the Arnor
Description: Join the lead developer of the award winning Twilight of the Arnor as she discusses what went right and what went wrong during the production as well as a more general discussion about the highs and lows of the gaming industry
Time: Fri 05:30 pm
Length: 1 Hour

Title: How to Get a job in the Gaming Industry
Description: Come talk to industry professionals about getting a job working in gaming. Scheduled to appear are Mike Capps. President Epic Games and Cari Begle Senior Game Developer Stardock Enetertainment
Time: Sun 01:00 pm
Length: 1 Hour

Title: Modding--Get the most out of your game!
Description: Game mods are becoming increasingly more common and many are of professional level quality. Join Cari Begle for a discussion about modding as a means of sustaining a game community, getting into the game industry, or just getting the most of your game.
Time: Mon 11:30 am
Length: 1 Hour

Convention Dates are Fri(8/29/08), Sat(8/30/08), Sun(8/31/08), and Mon(9/1/08)

If there are other game industry panels at other times I may crash those as well, or hide in the audience, depending on the topic.   



on Aug 11, 2008

Nice Cari!  I would love to take a trip up there.

on Aug 11, 2008

Man I'd love to attend all 3 of those.

on Sep 06, 2008

Would have liked to come but it's some too many 1,000s of km away ...

Did someone gets some shots of the  Elf there ?

on Oct 01, 2008

I wish I could've attended the gaming job one.