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Published on November 26, 2008 By CariElf In GalCiv Journals

See Brad's post http://forums.galciv2.com/331132/page/1/#1954133 for more details and screenshots.

+ NEW: Added option to popup governor wnd (if there are governors) on colonization of a planet

+ NEW: Greater use of expanded sound track for background music

+ TWEAK: Drengin, Yor and Korath will now colonize more aggressively

+ TWEAK: Tourism revenue slowly increases over time

+ TWEAK: Music no longer changes at the end of a game year but rather periodically during the course of the year.

+ TWEAK:  Updates to some of the conversations (English only)

+ TWEAK:  Eliminated Orbital fleet manager

+ TWEAK: Added Fleet Command Center super project that gives all planets the ability to use what’s in orbit to defend planets

+ TWEAK: Terror Star techs substantially less expensive
+  FIXED: Remove race agents button doesn't work when the scrollbar is present

+  FIXED: Toggling music on/off doesn't work

+  FIXED: Problem with tech brokering

+  FIXED: Truncated cash string in offer when using auto-offer - I THINK that I fixed this

+  FIXED: Influence popup now goes to what the AI will accept (or max if it's not enough)

+  FIXED: Tint colors are not automatically set for ship style in select ship style wnd

+  FIXED: Ship Designer screens do not have any interface tint when loading from title screen

+  FIXED: Planetary governors now update build queue after planet quality/terraforming changes

+  FIXED: Added modifier to edge scroll speed to scale for zoom level

+  FIXED: Planet Details doesn't stop other windows from popping up

+  FIXED: Memory leak in the planetary governor

+  FIXED: Quick build list shows wrong stats for planetary improvements

+  FIXED: Bug where adding certain parts to a ship were not lit properly

Sorry it's late, but I wasn't in yesterday. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and to those of you outside of the US, happy weekend!



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on Nov 30, 2008

Looks like there might be something buggy, I bought a research coordinator on the lowest level of lease.. its registering as 100,000bc to be repaid over 250 turns.


I was going to restart anyway as the dreadlords just turned up and 2 races got "godlike" random bonus things.




Let you know how it goes, thanks.

on Dec 01, 2008

That doesn't sound *quite* like the economy bug I got, but it sounds like it might be a relative - {G}.

It seems vaguely plausible the 'illegit' disk you bought was buggy in the first place, maybe a leaked beta or something similar - I would uninstall the whole thing an reinstall from impulse.

In other news - just finished off my last 1.95 game with a tech victory, updating to 2.01, will kick it up a level I think, and we'll see how this goes!



on Dec 01, 2008

Has anyone noticed a big change in economy since this update?


I bought a copy of TotA but it turned out to be illegit, since I own all the others on impulse I decided to legitimise and bought it again through impulse yesterday. Having played the game a few days ago [old version] and again today and last night after purchase and newest update.. it seems like the starting economy is different.


Basically I go into negative rates with only my basic colony (not even using my colony ship), so I start again and try to colonise all over and get pop rates up, this worked slightly better but I'm still completely stymied. AI seems to be spreading out ridiculously and colonising all my surrounding planets whist still churning out super projects, and I can't even get close to having 0bc.


I tried once more with my customised race set to have more points in economics, but it still didn't help.


Any ideas? I've never had such eco problems at teh start of a game before (or if I have, it's been self-solving in a short amount of time)


Edited for typos galore


That may not have to be a bug necessarily. If you are not that experienced, managing the economy can be a thing you`ll have to learn at first. Which difficulty do you play on? The higher ones grant the AI players an economic bonus. Getting colonies fast ist important, getting them up with planetary structures is secondary at first. Often times i dumped myself into debt by building every planet as soon as i got them. That pushes maintenance costs and you will not be able to afford this if your overall pop is not that high. Just take planets as soon as you can and do not build things until you need to. You dont need 5 planets with starports and lots of factories if all you build at the time is colony ships. Focus on few that can produce colony ships fast. Just dont spend too long spreading out for this will slow your military progress and result in the enemies soon realising it would be best to wipe you out as long as you re helpless. Civs demanding money from you just for fun is a bad sign ^^

I personally like it the way it is very much. Often times it is just a question of how you play, not exactly that the balancing is bad (maybe better than before, punishing your lousy play now )


on Dec 01, 2008

This is awesome, and a required addition. There's a problem, though. That pop-up, has everything else in the background faded out so you can't see the stats of the planet you're colonizing. This is a problem because we generally base which governor to use on the PQ. When the background is faded, we can't see the PQ.

Hmm, I didn't notice that, but I have an awesome monitor.  I'll have to look into that, but you can modify the alpha transparency of the background of the governorwnd in the meantime if you want to play with DesktopX.  It's probably what I'm going to end up doing to fix it. 

+ TWEAK: Eliminated Orbital fleet manager

+ TWEAK: Added Fleet Command Center super project that gives all planets the ability to use what’s in orbit to defend planets

Will this apply to all ships in orbit, or just what your logistics can handle? Can you turn it off for each individual planet? I don't always like to burn through defending ships against a stronger opponent just because I can. Having them fight one at a time can sometimes buy you a few turns as the enemy has to burn through a bunch of weak ships before it can even invade.

+ TWEAK: Tourism revenue slowly increases over time

Does this occur indefinately? If not, to what end? Does this change at the very least help the economy limited civs?

Umm, I believe it's just what your logistics can handle, unless you have that other super project on that specific planet, and no you wouldn't be able to turn it off.

There doesn't appear to be a cap on tourism, and it will help anyone who has influence.

On a more serious note though -- i *still* would want the planetary terrain tiles/images scramble to be fixed as i mentioned elsewhere.

I asked CodeCritter about that and we couldn't exactly remember the problem, what caused it, or how we might fix it, and we didn't have time to look into it for 2.01. 


on Dec 01, 2008

I've managed to get some play time to play ver 2.01 recently. Everyone seems to go for the orbital command center quite early (the tech needed to unlocked it is something you can also research early). It will require some more games before I get an overall sense of the changes and properly evaluate it.

+ TWEAK: Eliminated Orbital fleet manager

You may wish to check again. I used it in my most recent game, and it seems to been upgraded significantly to provide a +50% planet invasion defense bonus, and a +25% orbiting ship hp bonus. Requires the same tech as always.


Anyways, I was a bit surprised you guys got around to changing/fixing this. Good work by the way!

Do you guys think you could look into starbase defenses some time soon?

on Dec 01, 2008

and a +25% orbiting ship hp bonus

When I looked at the XML, it seemed to be consistent with improvements that grant an x% boost to built ship hp.

Edit: Verified in game.  It is definitely a built ship hp boost.  I would assume this is unintended.  Interestingly, since you can demolish and rebuild OFMs, it is not exactly a retroactive boost but a realtime boost-any ships built from said planet will gain the hp boost if the planet has an OFM, and if the OFM is destroyed/decommissioned/overbuilt, their hp goes back to its "normal" levels.

on Dec 01, 2008

+  FIXED: Planetary governors now update build queue after planet quality/terraforming changes


I think this broke the governors handling of terraforming.  I have several planets where the governors aren't terraforming automatically, yet some did.

on Dec 02, 2008

On a more serious note though -- i *still* would want the planetary terrain tiles/images scramble to be fixed as i mentioned elsewhere.

I asked CodeCritter about that and we couldn't exactly remember the problem, what caused it, or how we might fix it, and we didn't have time to look into it for 2.01.


I don't have the exact thread_s (which described in details the particular stuff) but AFAICR this is the most 'important' fix to do in my mind.


I'll extrapolate a bit further so that you can at least refer to this issue from here on end just in case you don't want to be bothered with scanning through the whole forum for nothing!


- Once the homeworld surface pops up, the 72 tiles available can all be clicked on for "inspection". Most green tiles are Prairies as they should and the upgradable Yellow is sometimes a Desert or a Swamp, etc. If you happen to select a random number of those tiles (on THIS planet), the engine somehow keeps tab of the string (text) displayed as the usual query routine must do it *AND* slaps the corresponding image for it. Ocean, Artic, Mountains can also be clicked for... and will indeed show correctly on THIS planet.

- Send your colony ship to the nearest planet and NOW; inspect that new surface. Surprisingly, whatever you were looking at in every spot on the 12X6 grid of tiles from the homeworld will be reproduce on THIS planet too if the selected tile is empty! The surface would pick the swamp location from HW (say the 8x4 spot) and put a picture of a Jungle (etc) but name it a Swamp (or what was on the previous planet).

- Keep colonizing, but IF you were to NOT click on anything expect to build an improvement on a number of planets... the entire pool of 72 tiles should eventually loop to fill a memory region so that every slot ID is freezed as the main reference from now on. Image & Query names, included!!


- Knowing that ocean is the most common tile anywhere -- and this mix_scramble up is occuring -- it is not rare to find that every improvable tiles on any new planets are (you guessed it) shown as Ocean when they are in fact Desert, Jungle, Swamp or even prairies!


Visually, the height maps do make sense and perform the coloring shemas (in DA, btw) but as soon as a scan is performed between more than two planets, this memory slog outputs wrong info about tiles - recursively grabbing a looped resource of 72 references all the way to the last planet.

Thus, the Interface hands over false tiles text and matches anything, as a result, with the wrong query images. More so in the Equatorial regions (greater chances) and rarely for Mountains in Polar edges, etc.


Here's hoping this loooong description was clear enough for you to fix this strange "mess"; so that i can, finally, put in the Abyss, Coast, Volcanic, etc (and specific extreme tiles) on my raw maps for X-Worlds & have the UI give the right query images & text strings for anything - everywhere!



on Dec 03, 2008


We fixed your bug for the next update.


on Dec 03, 2008

Alrighty... many & plenty (xxxxx) of well deserved Thank You's!

on Dec 04, 2008


We fixed your bug for the next update.



I begin to understand why you are worshipped!