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Now available for EU users!
Published on December 3, 2008 By CariElf In GalCiv Journals

EDIT: EU users should now be able to download the update for 2.02. 

All of the tweaks were done by Brad over Thanksgiving weekend, since he can't help but start tweaking stuff while he's playing.     So you have an additional reason to be thankful this year!

+ TWEAK: Ethical alignment becomes increasingly a source of tension as the game goes on in terms of diplomatic relations

+ TWEAK: Altarian AI more sensitive about falling behind in military hardware tech.

+ TWEAK: Thalan AI more sensitive about falling behind in military hardware tech.

+ TWEAK: Completely removed Orbital Fleet Manager [English version]

+ TWEAK: Medium Scale Building more expensive

+ TWEAK: Advanced Computing more expensive

+ TWEAK: Advanced Starbase construction less expensive

+ TWEAK: Superior Hulls now give 10% more HP.

+ TWEAK: Hyperdrive less expensive

+ TWEAK: Xeno Communications less expensive

+ TWEAK: Various other research tweaks

+ FIXED: Bug with translated custom races

+ FIXED: Crash with minor race in localized versions

+ FIXED: Translation errors with tech trees + tech descriptions

+ FIXED: Ship style names not being translated

+ FIXED: Bug where localized tutorials were not loaded

+ FIXED: Bug where ability description was not translated

+ FIXED: Display bug on PlanetWnd when the descriptions of the tiles wouldn't change from planet to planet

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on Dec 27, 2009

HELLO i just got thsi game

on Dec 27, 2009

hello, this page is ancient and so is the info, we are at 2.03 for GalCiv2

on Dec 27, 2009

Wow a nerco rez exactly a year old. Maybe 2012 is true