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Published on February 23, 2009 By CariElf In Demigod Journals

I tweaked the connection code today, and we also got the in game chat overlay running today, although it still needs some work.  If you'd like to try it out, follow these instructions:

1) Close Demigod if it's running

2) Download http://sd.stardock.com/impulsereactor/testchat.zip

3) Extract the files and copy them to Demigod\bin.  You may have to reboot before replacing the files if they're locked.

Hit Shift+Tab to unhide the chat window.  It'll use your windows user name for now, although it will eventually use your player name from Demigod.  The chat room is #demigod on irc.stardock.com.

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on Feb 24, 2009

Month/day/year as opposed to day/month/year So December 1st rather than January 12th.

on Feb 24, 2009

That's what I thought, but it still seems old for me.  With Christmas and all my research and a new relationship, I guess I have really slacked on my driver updates.  I downloaded new one last night though, so all is good in the world again.

on Feb 24, 2009


Quoting Neil Banfield,
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Do you have ATI Tray tools installed?

I do in fact.

As a short tem fix if you disable the overlay or auto overclocking features in that then it will work.

We have fixed this for the next update.