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Published on February 27, 2009 By CariElf In Demigod Journals

Watch here and in #demigod on irc.stardock.com for updated test dlls this weekend! 

This update has three changes since the version that went out with Beta 3A:

1) Increased timeout time, since it appears that some of you not in the US are having trouble with timeouts when connecting to the NAT facilitator

2) Fixed issues with special characters in overlay chat

3) Fixed a crash


on Feb 27, 2009

this is for the cvp_test or a file to replace in demigod directly?

on Feb 27, 2009

What wag said.

on Feb 27, 2009

Well I think its for demigod directly. I already downloaded the file and replace it in my game client and no problem.SO its NOT the cvp_test

on Feb 27, 2009

After replacing my old DLL with this one in the bin directory of Demigod I cannot join a single game. When I does NAT traversal it shows my name in red, and say NAT traversal failed. I cannot press the cancel button because the dialog just pops up again (UI glitch). So I have to CTRL ALT DEL out of demigod.


Can anyone please post the old ImpulseReactor.dll so that I can play Demigod without having to download the entire game again? Thanks.

on Feb 28, 2009

lol? you havnt done a backup before?

here is the original file:



But im not sure this will solve it for you because here i have no problem with the new file....

on Feb 28, 2009

If you replace a demigod file and want to revert to the old one, impulse makes this uber simple.  Here's what you do:

1.  Delete the file.

2.  Right click on the game in impulse.

3.  Click Verify, or Verify Download (not at my home comp, at gf's mac)

4.  Wait.  Impulse sees that a file is missing after it scans the game folder.

5.  Click update.  Impulse downloads the original file and you are set.  (Again 4 and 5 may happen automatically, can not confirm this very second.)

Hope that is helpful for you and others.  Should be very helpful for the modders.

on Mar 01, 2009

Thanks Trig, that fixed it Thank you too Wagnard, for the file.

on Mar 02, 2009

Not sure if this is directly caused by this or not, but my achievement stat data was erased and is no longer being recorded since installing this connection patch.  It was working before this was installed.  I don't show any progress in the tracking area and the achevements I had completed are no longer complete.  This leaves me with only the base 150 favor points.

on Mar 03, 2009

Im using this from the beginning and my favor are ok.

Maybe its on their side (server)

on Mar 03, 2009

My favor points are now working again.  Apparently the first game wiped everything to 150 and then the first game with that was not saved in favor points for some reason.