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With previous versions, the connection code would randomly pick the ports to listen on.  The disadvantage of this was that you couldn't open and forward those ports manually in your router.  With Beta 3B, we included a .NET application that will let you set registry keys to specify which ports the connection code will use.  The file is ImpulseReactorOptions.exe and it needs to be run as an administrator on Vista. 

Once you enable the option, you can open and forward the default ports in your router, or change the ones specified in the registry.  If you and another player are on the same LAN, you will need to specify different ranges of ports.  Unfortunately, at the moment the connection code may require up to 10 ports and it goes every other port so you need to specify a range of 20.  We plan on improving this in the future.

Edit: There's a bug in Beta3B where the default ports list get cleared after the first round of NAT punchtrough completes and after that it goes back to using random ports.  All the IT people have gone home so I can't put up an update tonight but I'll try to get one up as soon as possible. 

on Mar 05, 2009

good to hear (I wondered about port forwarding.  I never tried or bothered to look up the ports though since the nat transversal obviously needed more of a test run)

on Mar 06, 2009

well in running version 0.92.025 and now im having Major trouble with connections. Ive tried everything from opening ports on my end resetting every piece of hardware I have connected to the internet and also a majority of hosting and trying to join i can think of. I cannot connect to anything at all. What is totally odd tho is the very first time I ran this version I was able to join a panthion game right off but ever since its completely not working for me. I have even deleted the settings and reinstalled the game fully once. Please help....

on Mar 06, 2009

you are not alone, each time i try to join a game it fails. I hope it will be solved soon.

on Apr 26, 2009

Same this is so annoying, i cant even host a game...single player gets boring after awhile....

on Apr 27, 2009

Same this is so annoying, i cant even host a game...single player gets boring after awhile....

Fail. Take a look at the last responce for the date posted.