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Published on June 10, 2009 By CariElf In Demigod Journals

This was mainly a connectivity update, only ImpulseReactor.dll was replaced. 

+ Made data packet size smaller which should help people whose routers don’t allow such large packets. The
symptoms of this are losing connection to the NAT facilitator or the connection dialog showing that you are
connected to someone but they are not connected to you (or vice versa)

+ Changed the channels some of the messages were being sent on to try to prevent one channel from getting
too backed up

+ Added location awareness to the UDP proxy coordinator so that it can try and pick the best server to use as a

+ Fixed crash bug when players quit at the same time in the lobby

+ Fixed bug where Demigod would occasionally report that an update was available when it wasn’t

+ Added code to bind on a local IP address to prevent bugs caused by having multiple network connections (i.e.
a wireless and Ethernet connection)

You may want to try without the /serverproxy only parameter with this update to see if you can connect without the proxies now that the packet size is smaller. This was a particularly devious bug to figure out because we could see in the packet logs that packets were being received, but the packets were never being processed because they were missing data. 

We also increased the proxy timeout time, which should help with the bug where you're stuck at the map loading screen with the message "Waiting for other players".  This screen stays up until all players have loaded the map, so if a player lost their proxy connection because it didn't receive any data while the map was loading, it never got any further.  Players with slower machines will still take a long time to load the map, so you may want to give it some time before you quit out.

As far as the connection drops that occur once the game has started, there are two possibilities:

1) If the connection to the proxy server was timing out too early, this may have caused the problem and you may see a decrease

2) It may be something in the Demigod multiplayer code, which is different than the code that ImpulseReactor uses to make the connections. Even if it's the first possibility, if data is not being sent often enough to keep the proxy connection alive, it could still be something in the Demigod code.

If you are still getting connection drops once the game has started, please send in your DemigodLog.txt and ImpulseReactor.log and .csv files to support@stardock.com to help GPG and Stardock figure out this problem. You'll need to send in the files immediately after the drop occurs to make sure that the files are not overwritten by subsequent games.



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on Jun 11, 2009

Even with DMZ, /serverproxyonly, No Firewalls or Virus Scanner I still cannot play online Nat Failed blah everytime

Please e-mail me the following information to carielf@stardock.com:

1) What kind of internet connection you have, and what kind of modem

2) What kind of router you have (if you have a router that is not also your modem)

3) What OS you have

4) Startup Demigod without the /serverproxyonly command and try to join a custom game.  Exit the game.  Then go to My Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Demigod and zip the DemigodLog.txt, the ImpulseReactor.log and .csv file and name the zip CustomNoServerProxy.  Attach it to the e-mail.

5) Startup Demigod with /serverproxyonly command and try to join a custom game. Exit the game. Zip the same files and rename the zip CustomServerProxyOnly.  Attach it to the e-mail.

6) Try a Pantheon or Skirmish game, zip the files and name the zip accordingly.

Please describe in words what happens in each of the attempts for 4-6 including the text of any error messages that you receive.

I'll be out of the office until Monday so don't expect a reply until then.  I also hang out on IRC so you can contact me there if you see me. 

on Jun 11, 2009


The new patch disconnects all players when someone rage quits.D'oh. Let the flames begin. Or better yet, let's find some decent players to fight.

it doesn't matter if the players are good or not... good players rage quit just like the nubs do... unless of course you have something more to you.



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Total Games: 156

Total Disconnects: 9
on Jun 11, 2009

 Crashes and drops count towards disconnects. I've only quit once when I had an AI teammate but I have 9 disconnects.

on Jun 11, 2009

+ Fixed crash bug when players quit at the same time in the lobby

this happened last night, guy left the room and all froze. ...course I have problems w/ impulse so I'm guessing that DG & impuslereactor code is diff. Who knows...

I play DG everyday. Since I've started playing DG I no longer reboot, I reset. Most of the time when DG freezes the only button that works on my PC is reset.


on Jun 11, 2009

Helped a lot, not perfect, but helped a lot.

on Jun 11, 2009

I get into skirmish games quite fast and often.

But 4 out of 4 games had incredible lag .... stop'n'go games. Wasn't my fault, I rebooted after the second game.

Might be bad luck in pairing up with the wrong guys .... but then the successful connections might haven been lucky, too.


on Jun 11, 2009

I've been having issues with lag spikes since this update - I haven't been able to complete a game yet (but I need to test further).  It could be my connection is having a bad day, but I thought I'd give a shout.  This was in both 3v3 and 2v2, custom and skirmish.  I think upping the disconnect timer would be helpful..definately unplayable at this point.


EDIT:  Still no luck.  Tried Proxy only, no dice.  Its odd that the game runs perfectly with under 200 ms ping, and then fifteen-twenty minutes in everyone disconnects.

EDIT 2:  I think it might be my router having issues with Port Forwarding.  Would that cause random disconnects partway through the game?

EDIT 3: Changed a ton of settings, things seem to be running okay, but I haven't had a complete game yet (had some issues with other players leaving/dropping)

on Jun 12, 2009

Let me praise the networking team and CariElf again! Here is one easy to use keyboard warmer for you:

Thanks again for the hard work, connectivity is a charm now!!!

on Jun 12, 2009

Let me praise the networking team and CariElf again! Here is one easy to use keyboard warmer for you:

Thanks again for the hard work, connectivity is a charm now!!!


How sweet

on Jun 12, 2009

When will we see new maps?

on Jun 12, 2009

Basically, any step in the right direction is a positive.

On a very OT note my computer broke down, so it will be interesting to see how much changes will be done in the month I expect it will take before the repairment center to do its job and send it back to me.

on Jun 12, 2009

thx for the update. No disconnections since I updated . If it is allowed to mention: some gameplay updates would be great like new maps, modi, new demigod or some stuff like that.


Upss was it me who said this?